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List Building Lifestyle Club

List Building Lifestyle Club Review!

81 / 100

Does it worth working with Igor Kheifets or this is wasting time and money?


List Building Lifestyle Club

Welcome to my 1 year List Building Lifestyle Review.

Everyone knows, list building is one of the keys to making money online when it comes to internet marketing. If you have a pure and big list, you are pretty much ‘in the money.

For sure, since internet marketing gurus know just how important that list is, they seem to be releasing list-building courses left, right, and center.

One of these is the List Building Lifestyle club from Igor Kheifets. Does it help you to make money or growth your online business?



Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor Kheifets is in the list building business for decades and he is one of the top ten in the world who knows what he is doing!

This is a guy who doesn’t like to bleat about his history. So, no ‘sob story about how he went from rags to riches or anything like that. All he says is that he is experienced in email marketing, and his techniques have helped to generate over 20-million leads for the clients he has worked with. 

Is he a scammer?
Nah. Igor has been working in this field for a decade and he is a master, and he has managed to generate a ton of positive reviews for the products and services he offers.

These seem to be real reviews too. I think his credibility is proven by the fact that he offers a genuine refund policy on List Building Lifestyle, but more on that soon.

Courses and Programs by Igor Kheifets

List Building lifestyle club has courses that you can guarantee yourself in your business and be sure you have a lot of buyers after or even during the courses.

All of these are separate courses that you will need to purchase separately. But in some cases, you can do a partnership with Igor himself, and make some more money too.

1. Elite Affiliate Pro

You may also be familiar with his other course  Elite Affiliate Pro, which I am also a partner of Igor too. This is his premium affiliate marketing course which costs $997.

This course helps you find CPA offers and shows you how to make money by crafting emails to promote these offers. You can be a smart person in your area by attending this course and he has a lot of bonuses too which helps you to scale up to the top.

Solo Ads


Igor Kheifets

2. Elite Traffic Pro

If you can become a master of digital marketing and after all you did and build, you can not drive decent traffic to your business, you are a loser.

This course shows you a real magic traffic source called lead banks, but not like the other gurus or masters out there!!!

You will put your offer on places like OfferVault and you’ll have an army of affiliates promote your offer. Your offer doesn’t need to be your own product, it can be an affiliate offer. The training in Elite Traffic Pro will show you how to master this huge and long process which can make you daily headache and most of the time you are wasting money because if you wanna do yourself and say, hey I can hop on YouTube and learn, let me tell you honestly, I was there and I have waist 2 years to find out and paid almost 5,000$ to this and that gurus and they don’t let me know the last trick. Elite Traffic Pro is $997.

3. 301K Challenge

The 301K Challenge is another list-building course that is fueled by promoting offers using solo ads. It’s inexpensive at just $197 but includes strategies that you won’t find in many affiliate marketing courses. As I told you before, you can promote all the courses when you have licensed them and you will make real money if you implement every one of the steps Igor teaches you.

The webinar version of Igor’s paint-by-numbers follow-along quick-start training for beginners. Get from 0 To $1,000 with affiliate marketing in just 30 days.

In this program and all the programs you wanna attend to, you will find out in your panel a lot of bonuses such as:

and a lot more plus weekly podcast and coach calls in your member area!

These Courses gonna cost you thousands of dollars if you wanna purchase yourself or wanna gather from another source or even want to hire a tech guy!


A step-by-step guide to putting your affiliate marketing business on steroids with Microsoft Ads; a little-known traffic source that’s producing $4,017.88 paydays (without creating content, networking on social media, or running expensive & confusing Facebook ads).

We all know that Google Ads is one of the best ways to promote your business for paid ads, but on the other side, Microsoft didn’t sit there and do anything!

Microsoft shows to the world, that Bing Ads has nothing less than Google Ads and we can count on Bing Ads when we need them.
If you can be a master in Bing Ads, you have been prepared to fly like a skyrocket and then you become a full-time influencer in your niche.

So, everyone needs to have affordable targeted traffic that can rely on and they gonna have a decent quality if you do it the right way and run your campaigns. SO if you think you need this program to learn how to run Bing Ads for your business with maximum quality and at low costs, watch this free webinar from the button below…
Mads Academy Price is 1,497$

The Cost of List Building Lifestyle Membership

Before I dive into the actual review, I want to point out that membership is going to cost you $97 per month. This is because you are going to be given regular ‘benefits’ each month.

Stop paying your subscription? You lose access to all of the content. I must say, I am never really a massive fan of subscription services like this. I do like to pay for everything upfront where possible.

However, $97 per month is low enough that it can be justified if the content is decent. Although, the price means that you can’t really dally on getting to work on your list building. It is ‘dead money otherwise.

Do note that there is a 7-day trial of List Building Lifestyle available. However, you have to pay for the full month, to begin with. If you do not like the course within the first 7-days, you can get a refund ‘no questions asked.

This is a great way to test out the product if you have $97 sitting in your bank account.

What is List Building Lifestyle About?

List Building Lifestyle is 100% about building email lists but in legit terms and ways.

Exactly what the program means. You are not going to tap into any other root or fields of internet marketing.
I think the only real ‘transferable’ knowledge that you get on this course would be how to run ads and the other forms of traffic generation he talks about.

But, even then, they seem to be targeted at email list building only.

I do want to point out at this stage that List Building Lifestyle isn’t actually marketed as a course. It is marketed as a ‘list building community and, to be honest, once you get past the initial information, the bulk of what you can enjoy on the platform will be that community.

And yes, Igor is active in the community himself and he is not hiding behind his team. The way I joined this program is when you pay that $97 per month, you are really paying to have access to a large community of expert list builders who are extremely active on a daily basis and you can find a ton of information you can not even hear about out there!

It means you will not regret your decision after joining this program because you will get a lot more than what you have paid.

Here is a screenshot of some real-life case studies that you will find in the member’s area of List Building Lifestyle.

List-Building-Lifestyle Club case studies


List Building Lifestyle Club case studies

Who is this For?

If you are not a patient person and you know yourself which you can not go slow but strong and correctly, it is not the right program for you because list building needs a long time process to handle all things but don’t forget that, you are not going to spend a lot of hours a day for building your list for entire your life!!!

For sure you need to focus on your business for the first couple of months and after you have to build your business fundamental and basement, it will grow on autopilot and you need to just control and manage it.

I think that the information in this course is suited to just about any niche however, as with most internet marketing products, it probably leans a little bit more towards the ‘make money online niches.

Although, I think Igor has done a brilliant job at making the product as useful as possible to anybody.

What Do You Get Included With Your Subscription?

As I explained before, you will get a ton more than what you have paid!

You get a cool guide that will walk you through creating an email list and start to build up the number of subscribers. Igor will help you also during your learning time and process with a lot of things like sending gifts, very cheap but high-quality traffic for your fresh business, and kind of cool thing more…

You can expect the old ways of traffic, but the most updated skills and setup you can not even find out there.

You will also get a ton of information on how to revive dead email lists, as well as how to extract the most amount of cash from your current email list. A lot of the latter will come from the collection of ‘swipe’ emails that Igor has put together. These are pretty much just ‘fill in the blanks. This way they work for just about any niche.

Each month, you will also be able to sit in on live chats with Igor, and he will even answer any questions that you may have. He is pretty good at this. Don’t worry if you are signing up for the course a little bit late. All of the live chats he has ever run are accessible through his website…and there are a lot of them.

As I said before; you will also have access to a large community of list builders, so you can tap into their wealth of knowledge too.

Final Conclusion

There is quality information packed into List Building Lifestyle, and I am not surprised that it managed to garner so many positive reviews across the internet.

The only downside is that it is a subscription-based course, so if you are not willing to put the effort in every single day to follow the information packed into List Building Lifestyle, I do not think it is the right product for you.

There are a ton of people who do LEAD BANKING and Solo Ads providing, but there is some difference between them you can read below:

Solo ads and lead banks are both great ways of driving a fresh flow of high-quality leads into your business. Just like Apples and Oranges, no single option is better than the other.

If you are a beginner who has no idea what she’s doing and just wants to get her feet wet, solo ads are best for you. Igor gathered a list of trusted solo ad sellers who will hand-hold you through your first campaign when you joined them – even if you don’t have a landing page, email swipe, nor any previous technical experience, Cool ha?

While lead banks require a larger budget and a special setup at first (Igor walks you through the details in this free training), they provide a great opportunity to build a large list fast. (You will get all the information about them, in your learning process)

Remember that no traffic source is better than the other. Many marketers (including Igor and me) use both traffic sources, depending on the purpose and type of campaign you want to run. If you’re struggling to make a decision, reach out to them very easily from your member area and write a ticket and they will get back to you in a maximum 24H.

Finally, if you ask me what is the best Igors program you are working with, you can start it from the button below.
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